Monday, May 05, 2008

Sharing, Caring, It's Why We Do What We Do

I'd like to share a post from that other place I post at:
Stu day
posted by The Vidiot

As always, I like to mention my dad on this day since this is the day he died due to complications from his treatment for tongue cancer, a cancer he got from smoking. I usually write about what a grizzly death it was, but not his time. This time, I'm reprinting a note I just got from my stepmom who, ironically enough, has been battling cancer of the trachea for the last year or so and it has recently come back with a vengeance and she's due to have her voicebox removed in a few weeks. (Both of them ended up with cancers that hindered their ability to communicate).
I was just thinking it's almost Cinco deMayo, how odd that all this had to happen so sinfully close. I'll still toast him as usual, although next year, I think he & I will be toasting together. I see my surg. onc. tomorrow I want the FACTS and I mean all of them. I refuse to live with a stoma, I realize to so many that sounds petty, but I have to be sedated almost 24 hrs a day because of the panic attacks at just the thought of it. I feel I've lived a full life, pissed off enough folks & have had a lot of love & hate, enough for four people so I'm not bitching. It's been a pleasure to have known you & your family, God bless.

Still want to smoke that cigarette?

(Sorry to be such a downer, but cigarettes REALLY piss me off.)