Sunday, January 11, 2009

I read it in a magazine, oh oh . . .

And Joe the Wanker files his first report from the safety of Israel War Zone as a gen-u-wine corresponderant, er, I mean, reporterer, ah heck, he'll be one when he gets to pronounciate the names right:


Well, his first report as a journamilist, with a microphone, in front of a camera, on location, like a media correspondent, is an Epic Fail. Brandon Friedman from
Please, God, let Joe keep representing the voice of conservative American media in war zones around the world. Here's a direct quote from Joe--who's currently reporting from just outside Gaza:
I think media should be abolished from, uh, you know, reporting. You know, war is hell. And if you're gonna sit there and say, 'Well look at this atrocity,' well you don't know the whole story behind it half the time, so I think the media should have no business in it."

The video:

This guy gives Spinal Tap legitimacy. He raises Custer to true hero status. He makes Mickey Roarke look like a great acto . . . oh, forget that last.

Still, the irony is clearly lost on this idiot.

And the Right-wing bloggers who sent this tool to "report" on the war, thinking that America gives one flying fuck about his opinion? May the ghost of Palin rise up to meet you.