Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So with nothing to consider they forget my name

For me, music has always been about the melody, with rhythm and beat falling far behind. Commitment is important, as is overall competence, but a great melody trumps all.

And I've always maintained that that a good song survives transformation; a great song will work in any format: country, rock, etc. Witness Johnny Cash's last albums of wildly divergent covers, done in acoustic Man in Black style. Or Glen Campbell's recent cover album Meet Glen Campbell: The Time of Your Life-Green Day, Walls-Tom Petty, Jesus-Lou Reed, all done with sophisticated modern pop/ country arrangements. Trust me, it works.

Check out this video trailer for the new album:

And this live video of "Time of Your Life" that sadly contains no Glen guitar licks:

And the dude is 72!

And now, for a new, perfect marriage of melody, rhythm, beat, commitment, and witty lyrics, here are The Ting Tings, doing "That's Not My Name":