Monday, June 08, 2009

I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?

Rule of law, republican style:
Court orders Sanford to take stimulus money

The state Supreme Court Thursday ordered Governor Mark Sanford to accept $700 million in disputed stimulus money included in the state budget.
The writ was included in a 5-0 ruling in favor of school administrators and two South Carolina students who went up against Gov. Sanford in court.
The anti-bailout governor refused to take the cash even after legislators passed a budget requiring him to do so.

In response to the ruling, Sanford said the state has "a fundamentally flawed governmental structure that impedes and hurts progress in the state."
Fundamentally flawed!? As in "checks and balances" between the 3 branches of government? As in the same structure of the US Constitution?

He doesn't want to be governor, or president, he wants to be king!

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