Monday, July 13, 2009

happy blogiversary* skippy!

Happy Blogiversary skippy! We baked totally photoshopped you a cake!

original pic from here

* y, wkJMaTLctp (translation: yes, we know Jeralyn Merrit at Talk Left coined that phrase.)


Skippy is one of the greats, not just in blogtopia (y!sktp) but especially here in L.A. Pam & I have partied with skippy and his lovely wife several times, and they are really quality folks.

Skippy was also, IIRC, the first big-time blogger to give us a link, back when I was running this joint all on my own. For that we'll be eternally grateful.

In fact, to honor skippy and his lovely wife, we want to publish a picture. Say hi to them the next time you spot them walking down the street:

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