Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey

Updated to add the title I forgot to put on last night. Sometimes things get lost in the crush of cross-posting and the rush of life.

Yesterday was great weather, great wind, so I played hooky and headed out to the lake. On the way I stopped at a chain liquor store for a 6 pack and ice. I was waiting in line behind a black couple at the cash register when I noticed the clerk give a hard time to the folks in front of me.

The clerk was just plain rude from the get-go, hassled him about his ID, made him produce 3 ID's, and then questioned his significant other about hers. The clerk eventually, grudgingly, accepted their cash.

Me, I'm thinking the clerk was just having a hard day or was habitually rude, except when I got to the counter she was all sunshine and happiness and accepted my credit card with no problem and no request for my DL or anything that would prove it was my CC.

It was obvious, blatant racism on the clerk's part.

There is nothing I could say to the clerk. There's nothing I could say to the couple.

But I know the mangers of this chain and I said something to them. It was probably an exercise in futility, (ya just can't fix stupid), but she's going to be out of a job, and probably will blame black people even more.

I really hate this crap. There's no win/win in racism, it's all just lose/lose.

Here's some brain bleach from the same band from the title of this post.

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