Friday, April 15, 2005

Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call, don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall

Is the Right completely unraveling? After seeing their poll numbers absolutely tank a few weeks ago while they all prayed and moaned at the wailing wall of St. Terri, you'd think they'd move on. After all, most of the alleged Red staters that elected them responded to polls by saying the whole spectacle made them really queasy.

And yet we now have this current outburst of rabid religiosity and patriotism. DeLay tries to invoke God, Novak is lauded for converting from Judaism to Catholicism (never mind that no one in the MSM remembers that the recently deceased JPII smacked GWBush good about the Iraq debacle), and now this:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, after vowing last fall to stop Democrats from blocking the most conservative of President Bush's nominees, will appear in a telecast later this month with leaders of social conservative groups.

According to a flier for the Louisville, Ky., event, it will focus on how judicial filibusters are being used "against people of faith." The telecast is being organized by the Family Research Council, which sponsored a similar event last year opposing gay marriage. First's staff said he will probably record his message for the telecast.

So soon it's to be: "...not by the color of their skin but by the content of their prayer." (Apologies to MLK). I can't believe Rove et al really believe this will work. I know everyone is all in a dither about it. See Kos here for a good list of some of those who, like any normal human, have deep objections to this form of political gamesmanship.

A few selected quotes from Kos, from various folks:

This is so patently offensive that I don't have adequate words to describe how truly wrong this is: [...]

If you don't share our politics, you hate the baby Jesus.

If you don't share our politics, you hate religious people.

If you don't share our politics, you are evil.

Congrats, Republicans. Our leaders have now taken the traditional rhetorical demonization of our opposition and elevated it to heavenly heights. I assume my friends on the right are going to spend the week-end attacking me for being a 'religious bigot' because I rightly point out the inappropriateness of this behavior.

. . .

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has reportedly now not only decided on the "nuclear option" on filibusters but he is apparently ready to help instigate a political BIG BOOM that has the potential of enmeshing the GOP in charges that it's ushering in a new, dangerous area of theocratic McCarthyism.

If he does it, it'll be a watershed moment -- a transformational moment for the GOP...marking the political death of a dominant part of its party. [...]

Isn't this ushering in a new LOW in American political demonization? Isn't this akin to labeling those with whom we disagree Communists or Communist stooges? Isn't this throwing out all pretensions of the kind of intellectual, civilized discourse and debate taught in universities, law schools and practiced daily by Americans on the right and left who sit down for drinks or coffee and agree to differ on issues but maintain respect?

Also see the ADL's response here.

But seriously folks, this will only work in the most blindly loyal followers of Bush Messiah, and they would vote for him no matter what. For other slightly moderate Red staters, this is a real groove buster.

One of my friends who ran one of the Christian recording studios I have previously mentioned told me something interesting in the '92 election cycle. I asked him why vote for Bush41 when he actually seemed to believe in the slightly more socially liberal policies claimed by Bill Clinton.

His answer: "He kills babies."

Folks, this mind is a terrible thing to waste, but wasted it is. It will never change, no matter how much evidence is mounted. It doesn't care about education, poverty, military waste (including wasted military lives), the economy, or anything else. All it cares about is killing babies.

The midwestern person who works at Walmart or the gas station part time and can't support him/herself, and who is socially somewhat open minded, however, is the target we should be interested in. They were largely turned off by the ranting of DeLay, Cornyn, James Dobson, and all those on the Right who gathered like ghouls at the Crusade for Terri. And damn you, Jesse, you know better than this crap. You set your own movement back years by aligning yourself with these frauds and radicals.

Because that's what the whole thing is, radical and fraudulent. Radical in that the Right is actively trying to subvert the Constitution. And fraudulent because Frist knows that. Remember when Stephanopolous asked him about AIDS being transmitted by tears as told in a White House tract? He couldn't dissemble fast enough. That a man of science and medicine would so cravenly ignore his own experience and knowledge tells the tale of a complete whore, soul sold for a seat at the table of power.

The Constitutional principle of Original Intent, championed by such conservative stalwarts as Robert Bork, is being tossed out into the dung heap of failed ideals by the criminals. Any true conservative should be frightened to death of such activism and zeal. Where is George Will these days? How about John McCain? Calling the spirit of Goldwater past. I like Ike.

So clearly we have a group of spiteful and evil politicians who, having jumped this shark once, are readying themselves to do it again. My fervent hope is that the shark wins this time. That would be better than they deserve.

I just hope the shark doesn't get indigestion from eating such carrion.