Saturday, April 30, 2005

Coz I got Friday on my mind

Still working on my magnum opus, the response to 12thHarmonic's "tag, you're it" with their High Fidelity Music Meme.

Meantime, I went with friends to CBS-LA to sit in the audience of "Real Time with Bill Maher" tonight. What fun! He can be smug, and can also sink into cliches, but damn, that boy is quick.

He fairly firmly spanked Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R-Black? WTF?) of Maryland. To paraphrase:

Steele: We need to allow everyone to have the freedom of their values and beliefs.

Maher: So you're talking about people who are homophobic, who can be free to be intolerant?

But the best time of the night was with the irony-challenged Jeff (James Guckert) Gannon. Bill was respectful as he asked Gannon why he had any right to call himself a newsperson. Gannon's best quote (paraphrased):

"Usually people wait until after they become reporters to become whores."

Oh my sweet God, that this man can be taken even remotely seriously. I think he should be made to do every talking head show on TV, until he's associated firmly with the EvangeRight. We couldn't ask for a better Right Wing poster boy.

"I started to cry,
which started the whole world laughing.
Oh, if I'd only seen
that the joke was on me."


Jane Hamsher said...

Oh sweet Jeebus, tell me he didn't say that. Can they just please have his face on every news show all of the time? Better yet, give him his own show. He's god's gift to the left.

wanda said...

He fairly firmly spanked..."
Ahh I see you DO "get" what Bill does best!
His smugness only makes him more attractive. I love the way he stealthy lets his guest make fools of themselves. Even more amazing is some of them come back for seconds!

Anonymous said...

I just read that music meme.

That's a tough one.

Anonymous said...

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