Friday, April 15, 2005

We are family...

The Right is simply more organized than the Left. But we're learning.

As has been pointed out by many, the Right stays on point, on message, in a way that is both admirable and frightening. While I grudgingly admire the ability to focus and adhere to the party line, the trait invokes images of totalitarian regimes (think Pravda and Baghdad Bob.)

Kos from Daily Kos has this here, in which he expresses this idea clearly and passionately:

Anytime a liberal points out the well-greased parts of the Republican Noise Machine, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, some winger cries about the supposed Left Wing machine -- CBS News, NY Times, and, well, some other people.

There is an important distinction, and one that really, really makes all the difference. Their machine talks to each other. It coordinates. It works off the same playbook. It strategizes.

Our so-called liberal machine does none of that. Period. Our supposed media organs are genuinely trying to conduct legitimate journalism. Our think tanks are generally ignored. Our issue groups fight each other for turf, and show little gusto for anything outside their immediate area of expertise.

So guess which is more effective?

Please, go read. And then react by joining, and from there become active with any of the major organizations that are making noise.

Please, see the forest, not the individual trees. Yes, single issue advocacy is valid, but if the Supreme Court is co-opted and overrun with fascists, then your pet environmental, labor, reproductive rights, etc. issue will be meaningless. This game is not just about the big inning, it's about the pennant.

On that note, go Angels!