Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I believe, I believe

I know there are few folks who actually read this, but for those who do, this is important.

One of the leading lights at DailyKos, MeteorBlades, has a family crisis:

We don't know the specific details, but Meteor Blades' wife and sister-in-law have been in a serious automobile accident.

Their injuries are challenging. There were fatalities in the other car involved.

We know how much Meteor Blades means to this community, and we thought everyone might like to send some good energy his way.

Please express your best wishes and love to him via comments to this diary and we will save it for him. He can read it when he has the time and energy to focus. Let's keep his email box open for his family and the business of healing.
Go there. Help out with wishes, prayers, anything you can do. This is a good person who needs support. No politics, no agendas, just people helping people.

Even those of us who don't subscribe to a specific faith tradition often believe in a higher power. So call upon your concept of a higher power and ask humbly for help for these folks.

Thank you.