Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Always look on the bright side of life

Jess at Pandagon organized "Blog Like A Conservative" day on Monday, and it was fun. And it helped increase hit count for some of us less traveled blogs.

But today I want to propose Blogging Like a Conservative for real. Here's what I mean.

At the First Annual LA Bloggers Poolside Barbecue some of us talked about Air America Radio. Some of us admitted we had reservations about certain hosts. Nothing wrong there, as we can love the speech, and well, not really care for the speaker.

And just yesterday at Ezra Klein's place some commentors made some pretty disparaging remarks about, again, certain AAR hosts.

Here's how we need to really "Blog Like A Conservative." I have a respectful request of everyone everywhere that wants to win elections for the Left:


There, I said it. Sorry if it seems, well, harsh, like I'm trying to stifle fair dissent and discussion. Well, dammit, I am. They are what we have to work with. Not every host may be your personal cup of tea, but they are part of the public face of the Left, and as such, need our pretty darned near unconditional love, at least in public.

You will never hear a Right Winger publicly demean Rush, Hannity, et al, even if, privately, they think the person is an idiot. They show unity, and they stay on message, and we need to learn how to do that. Until then, IMHO, we will continue to be right about almost everything, and still lose elections.

Calm down, resisting carping about Franken or Schultz won't make or break anything, but it is emblematic of the type of focus the Left needs. It will help us to stay on message and present a united front to undecideds. Democrats historically organize circular firing squads. Let's try to stop this cycle. Part of it is the nature of Lefties, to discuss, consider other's viewpoints, ponder, and even change our minds.

But no more, at least visibly.

Any offended by this suggestion, that we march in lock step about anything, too damn bad. You can be right all you want about anything you want. That's cool.

Me, well, I want to start winning elections.