Monday, August 01, 2005

There's just a little bit of magic in the country music

While I consider myself pretty well steeped in country and roots/Americana music traditions, it's still pretty easy to fall behind the curve. In some part I pay attention to my good friend Dusty Wakeman, who owns Mad Dog Studio here in Burbank, and has impeccable credentials as a supporter and creator of great music. He was part of the great Dwight Yoakam/Pete Anderson team, and has worked on some really wonderful music besides.

Dusty recently produced a new album for Michelle Shocked, called Don't Ask, Don't Tell, to be released anytime now.

But I was reminded of another wonderful singer/songwriter, vaguely in the same tradition of Dwight, by listening to Fresh Air on NPR the other day, where they played an interview and songs by Robbie Fulks.

Folks, this guy writes seriously great, and often witty, country music. This isn't Alan Jackson or Tim McGraw. This is Hank Williams through Lefty Frizell through early Johnny Paycheck through Marty Robbins, with a dose of Roger Miller.

His new CD, Georgia Hard, has some wonderful music on it, and for those of us here in the LA area, he's playing at McCabe's in Santa Monica, Friday, 8/5. I'm gonna try to go.