Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Did we really tell lies, letting in the sunshine...

Yesterday's Pandagon inspired "Blog Like A Conservative" was pretty interesting. Some participants really got it, others less so.

But obviously some of the readers didn't get it. Found in the comments to my post, from Bruce:

Depends on what you mean by "liberal." From my reading, I seem to be a 'South Park liberal,' or is that a South Park conservative?

When I read the self-congratulatory hate-filled rants of what passes for thinking on many left of center blogs, I am frankly repulsed.

When I left a comment recently elsewhere suggesting that Casey Sheehan was a 24 year old second time enlistee who believed in something bigger than himself and put his own life at risk, the rants, including ad hominem attacks by people who have no knowledge whatsoever of who I am, were very numerous and became quite vituperous.

Fortunately, my ego is able to handle unhappy people; it's part of my real life job.

What struck me, however, was the complete lack of any clearly thought out refutations of my positions.

My response: Dude, that's the whole point! I seriously have a hard time understanding how someone could take my post at face value. I was attempting to channel Dennis Prager, who is a deluded buffoon of the first order, and who, in completely circular fashion, supports his points on moral authority by saying "Because I said so."

He goes on:

I have seen dogpiles of this sort on thoughtful liberals elsewhere. I have also read about them, say, in Russia in the early part of the last century.

I don't know if this is a deliberate tactic by Move-on and it's supporters to Bolshevek the left(let me remind you that they are in fact a Stalinist-era legacy group) or simply a reversion to yahooism by overly-under- educated wanna-be radicals. (cough cough hack Saul Alinsky hack cough)

Let me finally observe, additionally, that while you kind, lovely folks are congratulating each other about how morally superior you all are, the Republicans are kicking the motherfucking shit out of you and your oh so pure ideals.

Some of my ideals, too.

Politics is the art of the possible. Quit giving each other blow jobs, and start organizing.

Oh my! Is he saying that MoveOn.org is a Stalinist era group? I rather doubt that, as during the Russian revolution the people weren't really into political action groups that much, what with the Czar's and Lenin's tyranny. Or is he saying, more likely, that the Bolsheveks (sic) are? Thanks, I had forgotten everything I knew about Russian history.

I would have responded directly to the commenter, but since the web site he listed has no email, I will do it here.

Seriously, Bruce, had you taken the time to follow any of the link crumbs I left, you would likely have figured out that this was all parody of the loony right. And I don't know what lefty sites you are reading, because most of the ones I do have either really intelligent, well sourced snark, or actual policy discussions.

And finally, in re: Cindy Sheehan, don't get suckered in the smears by the right. You clearly miss her point, her ONLY point: Why did Casey have to die?