Monday, August 22, 2005

I've seen all good people

As Jesse at Pandagon says, it's been clear for some time now, at least to Americans with any moral values, that liberalism is the ideology that carries the most moral authority.

Based on empirical observation and inherent truths, this fact can not be denied.

If one examines the Torah, for example, one finds many references to liberalism, too many to quote, in fact. Moving liberally forward to the Bible, we find it, again, replete with references to liberalism. I leave the reader to, well, simpy believe me, and not do any further exploration of these documents, since my scholarship is definitive.

However, when examining the Koran, we also find references to liberalism. Since that document is false, however, we must, by purely intellectual parsing, ignore it.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the liberal Blogtopia (yes, skippy coined that phrase.) Blogging by its very nature is a liberal act, and conservatives who attempt to blog are soon frustrated by the nature of blogging. As is readily apparent, blogging requires thought, preferably original and thoughtful thought, and conservatarians historically can't think. It's obvious, it's been proven, by me.

Obsidian Wings has more moral scholarship on this, as does Winding Sheet, and FSHK. If you read these, as well as our sponsor Pandagon, you will be edified by our moral authority.