Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cause you can have from me some advice, Pay the price

Here are some folks who think the death of Saddam is a really big deal:
Jules Crittenden: "I've filled my shot brass and raised it. Don't be shy about raising a glass yourself. The world is a better place rid of this filthy murderer."

: "But in the grand scheme of things, this is a huge step forward. When the history of the war is written, this will be one of the pages. And this will remain so despite the best attempts to minimize it, by lefties both inside and outside Big Media."

Jeff Goldstein: "Today, let those who weep for Hussein’s death—and more pointedly, those who pine for the halcyon days of his “containment” (a contingent that, sadly, consists of many of our own foreign policy realists, who, like colicky, mewling anachronisms have sprung newly birthed from the intellectual womb of Henry Kissinger or Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford or George HW Bush)—take a good look at themselves."

A commentor at Gateway Pundit: "Saddam's Death was justice. Justice is sometimes expensive."

Hold on a freakin' minute, pal. By expensive, do you mean that Saddam's death cost you something? I seriously doubt it. I truly honestly know it didn't cost you anything. Not one goddamn thing!

How do I know?

Because if you were truly human, you would find this cost too high:

You didn't give one shit about the people of Dujail, for whose killing he was convicted.

You didn't give one shit about the people of Halabja, for whose killing we sold him nerve gas.

Nope, you didn't even give one shit about Saddam Hussein until GWBush, led by the testicles by Wolfowitz, Frum, Cheney, et al, decided that he was Public Enemy #1.

So unless one of those pictures above, of American dead, is a loved one of yours, I suggest you shut the fuck up. You have no right to claim that "justice is sometimes expensive" unless you're willing to pay the price.

One final question: How much are you willing to pay for Saddam's death? 1 child? 1 brother? 1 father? 1 sister?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Sadly, only one rightwinger has any real perspective on this:
No, there is nothing funny about killing this brute, a man who has shown no remorse nor the slightest flicker of regret at the trail of dead bodies he has left in the wake of a life spent torturing and murdering anyone who opposed him. The fact that the world knew of this brutality and did nothing about it – including the US government who marginally assisted the beast in his war of conquest against Iran – only goes to show that anyone who believes in the efficacy of the UN is only kidding themselves. Tyrants like Saddam will exist as long as the governments of the world carry on business as usual with the despots while trying to block the screams of their victims from conscious thought.

Marginally assisted? Dude, it was more than marginal, it was material assistance.

Sadly, illogically, he uses this moment to condemn the UN, which might have worked to contain Saddam if only the US wasn't so interested in being the world's cowboy sherriff. Still, it almost makes sense.