Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It won't be wrong

Much has been written about the nexus of 3 major political deaths recently: Milton Friedman, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and Augusto Pinochet. They all had dealings and influence with each other, with Friedman and Kirkpatrick enabling Pinochet to hold power in a very ugly way.

From the Guardian:
• A total of 3,197 people were tortured, murdered and then disappeared under Pinochet's brutal 17-year regime

• Inside the infamous torture centres, victims were subjected to violent and continuous beatings, often to the point of death, before doctors revived them to prolong their suffering

• Prisoners were tied up and "walled in" tiny cubicles where they were denied food, water and clothing; others were tied to a metal rack known as "the grill" where they were subjected to electric shocks to all parts of the body, including their genitals and their mouths

As Borat would say, "Very nice."

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Here's Pinochet with another of his friends:

: The General adds:

A dream extinguished