Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the desert you can remember your name

Some right-wingers have their panties in a bunch because the new democratic Party star Barack Obama has an inconvenient (to them, anyway) middle name: Hussein.

I guess we're supposed to be shocked, shocked! that he shares part of a name with Saddam Hussein.

How silly is this? Well the Corner doesn't find it amusing:
Of course, all this might generate a little more sympathy had not some Democrats in recent months become so fond of the name "George Felix Allen, Jr." During the campaign, winning Senate candidate James Webb routinely referred to his opponent as George Felix Allen, Jr. (just search for the name at webbforsenate.com.) Although it wasn't even correct — Allen, whose father's middle name was Herbert, wasn't a junior — the use of Allen's full name was clearly a campaign strategy, first, to diminish Allen, and then, after news of Allen's Jewish ancestry emerged, to make an oblique reference to that.

Pardon me if I don't exactly get it. To me, the most common cultural reference for 'Felix' is this guy, not exactly a figure of evil:

Besides, lot's of popular Republican figures share names of evil people:

"John" McCain "John" Wayne Gacey

"Mitt" Romney Gott "mit" uns (Nazi slogan)

"Ed" Gillespie "Ed" Gein

"Gary" Bauer "Gary" Ridgeway

"David" Dreier "David" Berkowitz

Silly? Yes.

No less silly than the idiots at Fox and The Corner for trying to make this into a "thing".