Monday, December 11, 2006

Do it wrong or do it right it's alright, it's alright

Must be something in the water lately. We sure have seen some interesting mea culpas from some Righties, like Sen. Gordon Smith (R-flipflopper):
On the Senate floor Thursday night, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) said Bush’s Iraq policy “may even be criminal.” This morning on ABC’s This Week, Smith elaborated on his criticism of Bush, calling his Iraq policy a “dereliction” and “deeply immoral.” Smith said the death of ten soldiers on Wednesday made him go from “steamed to boiled” about Bush’s failed policies.

Very nice. That should be deserving of accolades, of bi-partisan support in the spirit of forgiveness and peace, right?

Not so fast, Spanky.

Exactly what has changed since you said this:
"The rhetoric on this is too heated," said Sen. Gordon Smith, R- Ore., whose state is home to the parents of one of the soldiers killed this week by insurgents. "When I hear things like 'Bush lied, kids died,' or even on our side that 'Retreat and' -- whatever the mantra is, my soul cries out for something more dignified.

"I don't believe their dissent is unpatriotic," Smith said of Democrats. "I simply believe it to be unwise. It is a tactical mistake of monumental proportions."

I can tell you exactly what has changed: an election. And polls.

This is barely an act of moral strength. It's really an act of a politician sensing his career is doomed.

Want praise and support, Gordon? Not gonna find it here. You had plenty of chances to show moral leadership and courage.

Instead, you show exactly what has been wrong with the Republican leadership the last several years:
If it doesn't affect me, I love it.

If it's going to hurt me, I'm against it.

Those are the deciding factors.