Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time has come today, young hearts can go their way

TBogg, you bastard. How dare take apart Time's witless Person of the Year choice by writing the funniest line of the decade:
Congratulations Time: asked to pick you favorite color you chose 'clear'.

Damn. Can't improve on that.

But in case no one noticed, that's YouTube's player window sitting above a Mac keyboard, looking a lot like my iMac 17" I'm blogging on currently.

Could the YouTube guys have been persons of the year? I dunno, let's ask George "Macaca" Allen, and a few other folks. Could the folks from Apple? Nah, Macs are only for dirty hippies, and besides, Steve Job's is wealthy, so that doesn't count.

How about GWBush? This will certainly go down as an historical year for the Worst President Ever. Or Muqtada al-Sadr? He comes out smelling like a rose in his part of the world.

Ya know, as I reflect, maybe we are the Persons of the Year. Why?

Because we voted the Republican bastards out of office.

Dear Time Magazine:

Thanks. You got it right, for all the wrong reasons.