Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Catch me if you can

Christy at FireDogLake put up a post today, using this famous picture of the great Willie Mays making "The Catch":

(For the non-baseball fans in the audience, this may be the most amazing catch in history. Willie Mays. 1954 World Series. Game One. Enough said.)

While we agree that is a wonderful moment in baseball, and that Willie is pretty special, we offer some alternatives to "most amazing catch in history".

First, Jim Edmonds of the Angels in '97:

Not just running and looking over his shoulder, but diving at full speed. And yes, he caught the ball clean.

Second, Jim Edmonds, now with the St. Louis Cards, in 2004:

Pam's beloved "Jimmy E." does this kind of stuff everyday, before breakfast.