Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dorian Gray, just for a day...

From the Sailor and the gang of Vidiots over at VidiotSpeak, we hear that they have 2 new writers on staff:
Please note that VidiotSpeak has 2 new authors. We are very proud to announce that our life, politics and international correspondent is oscar wilde and our life, politics and veteran's affairs correspondent is Bill Arnett.

While we have no knowledge of Mr Arnett, we assume that he is articulate, erudite, and full'o'hell.

However, we had no idea that mr. wilde was still writing, his absence from the world stage since 1900 had us lulled into thinking that he was deceased. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that he was still writing great works. Perhaps he'll tell us more about his friend Earnest.