Friday, February 09, 2007

Rooms to let, 50 ¢.

This is really funny, yet very sad. Beneath the wry humor lies the tragedy of the GWBush regime. It looks, even now, like the deserted farms of the Oklahoma dust bowl, the tenants already gone, to find a life elsewhere.

Yet still, GWBush still has dreams. And it looks like they include an Apocalyptic assault on another Middle Eastern country. But enough on that for now.

Here's his legacy in Crawford, TX:

CRAWFORD, Texas— Near the lone stoplight on Main Street, a for-sale sign hangs from a dusty window where a souvenir shop used to sell cufflinks, cowboy boots and denim shirts emblazoned “The Western White House.”

Another gift store across the street is shuttered too, though a sign says it will reopen elsewhere. And the biggest souvenir shop in Crawford is reporting a drop in sales.

The Washington professionals have their polls, their focus groups and their newspaper editorials. But Crawford, the 700-person town where President Bush’s ranch is located, has its trinket stores, and they have fallen on hard times, in what some say reflects the president’s sinking popularity over the war in Iraq and a daunting influx of anti-war protesters.