Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why do birds sing so gay

I've written here before about talent, how it's an endowment that can be honed, but it's not something that can be taught.

And I've also written that talent requires a kind of confidence that can sometimes seem naive, but yet crystal clear; the kind of confidence that makes one sure one must follow one's muse.

Last week, while looking for videos to memorialize the great Frankie Laine's passing, I came across this video. It's Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers bantering with Franlie Laine on his TYV show, then lip synching "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?".

As you watch it, realize this was 1956, and the young Frankie was 13 freakin' years old!

The group was probably the first racially mixed group to make it in the unexplored territories of the new world of rock'n'roll.

And also realize how screwed up things were back then, in the wonderful '50s that seem so nostalgic to revisionist conservatives (from the wikipedia):
On a July 19, 1957 episode of Freed's live ABC TV show The Big Beat, Lymon began dancing with a white teenage girl while performing. His actions caused a scandal, particularly among Southern TV station owners, and The Big Beat was subsequently canceled.

Sing me songs, make me laugh, entertain me, but don't touch my daughter.