Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now, the man on the stand he wants my vote

No one I know takes voting rights more seriously than Brad Friedman, at the BradBlog. He is completely committed to fair voting & vote counting. He working to root out corruption and conflict of interest in those working to push touch-screen and hackable computer systems on us, for their own profit or to support a Right-Wing agenda.

Brad is having a little fund raiser:
Finally back at the anchor desk of The BRAD BLOG World News Headquarters after three (unexpected) weeks taking my dog and pony show on the road. Upon my return: a total of two cash dollars in the Snail Mail PO Box --- for which I am eternally grateful.

But even during the time I was away, we managed to bring you first-hand exclusive eyewitness reporting from the courtroom of the Scooter Libby/CIA Leak Trial in DC by Margie Burns, an important continuing investigative series you'll find nowhere else on the disastrously compromised EAC by Michael Richardson, the latest daily developments in our crumbling Electoral System saga as brought to you by John Gideon, insightful Video Snippets on a number of broader topics by Alan Breslauer, Guest Blogs from important newsmakers, and yes, I did my best to keep up, managing to edit, file my own exclusives, and work behind the scenes on all of the above even while making public appearances around Arizona and California, Guest Hosting radio broadcasts and working the phones endlessly to both dig and try to move mountains while barreling down the highways and byways at 80 mph.

Seriously, Brad is that good, and that important. He's doing work no one else seems to be doing, and his work is increasingly getting more and more notice from TV & radio pundits.

If you can, show him a little love each month. We did.