Monday, February 19, 2007

Have I said too much?

There's a new award show coming this season, not long after the Academy Awards:
The Golden Douchebag Awards.

One of the nominees is my favorite whipping boy Rick Moran, who starts off, as usual with the bait:
Yes she has a gazillion dollars. And yes she’s one of the most famous people on the planet. But from what I can tell of Britney Spears, she is also a human being in great pain and in danger of falling down a deep, dark hole from which it is very difficult to see the light.

. . . Despite what Drudge and others are referring to as a “cry for help,” I can tell you that Spears’ actions are no such thing. I have been in the dark place that Spears now finds herself. I have been where she is – looking up the huge mountain she must climb to get her life back from addiction and saying to yourself, “I can’t do it. It’s too hard.”

Wow! How empathic, how sensitive, how bleeding heart liberal...

But No! For there must be a political point to everything, no matter how perverted te process to manufacture. Witness this switch:

We are drenched in celebrity, drunk with it really. And the louder we complain about it, the more obsessed we become. This is what drives the “weevils” of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff – the writhing mass of photographers and reporters who hung on every word and with popping bulbs and clicking cameras, catalogued every action of the Mercury astronauts for the American public.

And their handsome, photogenic boss – President John F. Kennedy – did nothing to discourage the weevils from giving he and his family the same treatment. If the celebrity culture has a granddaddy, it was JFK who rightly believed he could capture the American people’s obsession with Hollywood stars and graft it on to the White House, using it to his own political advantage.

Right. It's all JFK's fault. And no right-winger ever used the press, no Nixon, no William Randolph Hearst, no Rupert Murdoch.

And no tragedy ever occurs, that is not the fault of Liberals.

Dude, that's not logic. That's OCD. That's not sympathy, that's an agenda to lash out and hurt and inflict harm, using someone else's pain.

Please, seek treatment. Now.