Saturday, March 03, 2007

ah how do you sleep at night?

Little Green Snotballs blows their own horn collectively, with a resounding blat:

Creepy nutroots freak Mike Stark is stalking Michelle Malkin.

Note: Allahpundit confirms that Michelle didn’t recognize Stark when they posed for the photo, and that he presented himself in friendly terms. Stalking.

UPDATE at 3/2/07 5:47:26 pm:

Does Stark’s picture remind you of anything?

Um, in case you didn't notice, John Lennon actually was beloved by much of the world, was given an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II, and actually was popular with a majority of the world's citizens.

Malkin, eh, not so much.

Oh, and nobody tried to kill her. The picture with Mike Stark was meant to be ironic.

Self-important assholes!