Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Shariamour, lovely as a summer's day

The truth can sometimes be found in the most God-awful place. Here it is at LittleGreenSnotballs:
Iraq Steps Up Anti-Israel Boycotts

Why are Americans fighting and dying to support this disgusting behavior? Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott. (Hat tip: Joel.)

The single biggest mistake the US made in Iraq was not imposing a government free of shari’a law, and free of this kind of sickening Arab antisemitism. If we had treated imperial Japan with the same lackadaisical, “assume the best” attitude after World War II, we’d still be enemies today.

Um, yeah. Imposing a government...interesting concept. I thought it was all about "Freedom is on the march".

And we have this from one of the commentors over there:


It's worse than just that- the US does far too much propping up of thug governments everywhere- and this is why they hate us. I have asked immigrants about this and they tell me this- "Your government supports men who keep my people down." I think it's wrong. America should stand behind Democracy for everyone, because if we don't, who will? Shari'a should not be supported anywhere by America.

Hmm. Seems someone actually gets it.

Nah, not likely.