Friday, March 23, 2007

Everybody look what's going down

Here's a little slice of what 1967 looked and sounded like, at the Monterey Pop Festival. This is not a Hollywood movie, this is documentary footage of scenes at the festival, featuring a performance by the already splintered Buffalo Springfield doing For What It's Worth:

Note: This is one of many times that Neil Young didn't appear with the group that made him famous. His guitar and vocal parts are covered by David Crosby, at the time still with The Byrds.

My band at the time, called Shades Of Time, opened for the Buffalo Springfield at a club in Riverside, CA, called "The Purple Haze" (yeah, I know), on Jan. 12, 1968. This time, with Neil also not in attendance, they played as a four piece. I got to tune Richie Furay's black Gibson ES-335 12 string seen in this video.

That, and $.50, will buy today's copy of the LATimes. But that doesn't change that they were a really influential band at the time.