Friday, July 06, 2007

Ooh, baby it's a wild world

God bless Al Gore, Live Earth has started, and so far, I'm pretty underwhelmed. First, it's built totally around Internet Explorer™, and any other browser is feature-limited (so they say). So to every Mac owner out there who doesn't have a legacy copy of MIE, you're basically screwed.

In Internet Explorer you can:
  • Simultaneously view updated status for artists at all venues
  • See constantly updated information on all concerts
  • Toggle between any concert venue you wish and watch additional “green” footage

To get to the actual streaming window for non-MIE users requires several button clicks and a dialog box telling you to restart in MIE. Thanks, guys. And when the streaming video starts, it forces your browser to a smaller size, tight around the image screen. If you're using a tabbed browser, like Firefox, or MIE(!), all your other tabs are, of course, shrunken.

Also, may seem a bit whiny but the schedule is not displayed in running order:

And since a very large portion of the world doesn't live in the US EDT zone, we now have to mentally re-calculate start times, just to see where in hell it is live now.

May be green, but it's An Inconvenient Experience.

Update: to everyone coming by from Crooks and Liars, thanks! By the way, I didn't say it couldn't be done, just that it was inconvenient for non-IE users. I found this surprising, since Gore used a Mac laptop and Apple's Keynote software for much of "An Inconvenient Truth".

Update 2: "We are experiencing high traffic volume. Please try again later." Now that's a problem!