Saturday, July 07, 2007

Our Cowardly Democratic Leadership

As I've written here before, the Democratic leadership in the Congress is hiding its head in the sand of Iraq, afraid to use the majority party's power to defund the war as the American people told them to in November 2006.

The latest proof is in an article to appear tomorrow in the New York Times about the hapless Harry Reid. Here's some of the latest BS about this sad situation:
Mr. Reid has also been hobbled by his fragile majority, reduced to 50-to-49 because of the extended absence of Senator Tim Johnson, the South Dakota Democrat who has been recovering from a brain hemorrhage since December. With most Senate action requiring 60 votes — the tally needed to cut off debate — much of the legislation that House Democrats rushed through in their 100-hour sprint has bogged down across the Rotunda, mired in seemingly endless procedural votes and Republican objections.

On Iraq, Mr. Reid has led a 49-to-50 minority as Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, the Connecticut independent who caucuses with Democrats, has sided with Republicans on that issue.

As a result, when Mr. Bush refused to sign an Iraq war spending bill that included a timetable for withdrawal, Mr. Reid, with his counterpart in the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saw no alternative in May but to back down rather than open Democrats to charges of cutting off money to troops in the field. The outcome left many Democrats disenchanted.
Well, shucks, is it possible the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House are actually beginning to acknowledge they already have the votes to defund the war? They don't want to admit they have the power already because they're afraid to use it. They care more about re-election fears than implementing the just-expressed will of the American people. That's sick and shameful.

To Hell with both of you! And Steny Hoyer too! That's y'all's picture up there! Pock pock pock pock!