Saturday, July 14, 2007

Walk the Prank, episode one

While nowhere near as entertaining and informative as Steve's "'Cause I can play this here guitar" series I still feel compelled to contribute a few of my rock & roll experiences. So please welcome the first (psychotic) episode of 'Walk the Prank:
When you're on the road for a few weeks you tend to play pranks on each other. And they're only funny if you aren't the victim. And they probably aren't funny anyway, but you know me, I got OPD*:
Setup: The bass player wipes the neck and strings down on his fretless bass with a rag containing WD40 before each set so he can glis smoothly.
The drummer wipes his sticks and hands with an astringent rag before each set for a better grip.

Prank: Swap the rags just before they go on.

Fun part: Look innocent as the bass player skids between muffed notes while dodging the drummer's flying 5b sticks as they shoot into the house.

Extra fun part: Look even more innocent while they blame it on the stage manager!

(Maybe you had to be there;-)

*Obsessive Prank Disorder