Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hot pastrami, yeah

Everyone in L.A. knows Jerry's Deli:
After owner Ike Starkman opened its flagship location in 1978, in Studio City, CA, Jerry's immediately began to establish a reputation as the quintessential delicatessen. From the menu (featuring over 600 traditional deli and dining favorites) to the moderate prices, to the delivery and catering services, people who love food have found that there is a lot to love about Jerry's.

Capitalizing on its prominent location near major television and film studios, the original Jerry's developed a loyal customer base of residents and local employees, in addition to being popular with tourists. That success made it clear that the concept was a natural for expansion, and after a decade in the business a new restaurant chain was born.

Well. I heard this on the local Air America Radio affiliate, KTLK, yesterday. Caller to Marc Germain's show said (I paraphrase):
I went into one of the delis owned by Jerry's, but not actually called Jerry's, and they had Fox News on the TV. I asked why, and was told the directive came down from corporate that the TV had to be on either ESPN, or Fox News.

Since it's a local L.A. based show, the caller must have been talking about Solley's in Sherman Oaks, owned by Jerry's.

Yes, I know it's hearsay, I should call and ask for an official statement, yada yada yada. But I have always found Jerry's overpriced, and based on this, I won't go there anytime soon.