Friday, August 17, 2007

How many years can some people exist

Sometimes I'm afraid we make it all too complicated. I mean, Goddess bless my friend Jane who, among other feats of strength, dissected and annotated the Plame/Libby deal with some great friends, and Kevin who soberly confronts the illogic of Wingnuttia, and many others who fight the good fight.

But is it maybe simpler than that? Can we distill things down to more elemental issues? I mean, we still haven't answered some basic questions from pretty long ago:

Here's a nice response, from a guy often dismissed as a lounge singer, but who, in reality, was a far deeper, more complex artist:

This guy felt change was coming, and that we should pay attention:

These guys thought mindless military action might be problematic:

And these guys thought Freedom Was On The March™:

Seriously, maybe these guys have it right:

I dunno . . .