Sunday, August 26, 2007

No I cannot forget where it is that I come from

Digby says this about Limbaugh's racist comments this week:
The hideous, racist assumptions in that little "analysis" are so blatant that it's startling, even from the disgusting Limbaugh. The charge that African American voters vote on the basis of African politics is so bizarre I don't even know how to deal with it. And anyway, even if it were true, the fact that the Republicans are a bunch of racist pigs who insisted on supporting apartheid until the bitter end would likely have been the motive, especially since those same Republican racists couldn't stop talking about welfare queens and running their political campaigns based on thinly veiled racist attacks. While I'm sure black Americans care about Darfur and South Africa as much as the next decent human being, they know very well that the Republican party is filled with racist haters like Limbaugh who despise them. Voting for the Democrats isn't really that complicated in light of that.

I agree. Thing is, this is how some Jewish voters will vote. Some who are socially and culturally very liberal, with all the good intentions that usually indicates, will vote Republican because of perceptions that the Right will support Israel better. And I'm not talking about ADL and Zionist types, just normal folks who would otherwise be considered part of the Democratic base.

Whether the Left or the Right is a better friend to Israel can be debated. However, in light of the current FUBAR situation in Iraq, that threatens to spread to Iran & Syria and potentially involve the whole region in completely avoidable war, it seems the Right, manifested in GWBush & Co., have put Israel pretty close to the center of some pretty dangerous politics.

Not the actions of a friend, in my opinion.