Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ain't that what you said, ain't that what you said, ain't that what you said

Can we just stop? I mean, can we just STOP!!

Barack Obama said some people in the electorate are bitter. Imagine that.

Lots of conservatives are bitter because John McCain is their nominee.

Obama said some people vote issues that have no bearing on their best interests because they are frustrated.

Conservatives are frustrated because their elected politicians don't do anything about pet issues like abortion (see Bush, George H. W & George W.)

Obama said some folks fall back onto bogeyman fear, and blame "others" for their problems.

Conservatives find bogeymen everywhere, including browned skinned folks from anywhere.

And finally, Obama said McCain is out of touch. He said Hillary is out of touch too, but as of now, I officially don't care to comment on anything hillary or her surrogates say. And say, Bill, 1997 called, they want their 65% approval back.

When a politician says something so breathtakingly obvious that the only thing the Traditional Media can add is the spin and crap coming from Drudge, Norquist, Rove and McCain, they have failed. They have been framed out of relevance.

My friend Oliver Willis has the best re-cap:
America’s tired of the distortion and game-playing by the right wing noise machine, and its pretty sad the failing Clinton campaign felt they needed to jump on this (perhaps it had something to do with the coverage of President Clinton bringing back the phony Bosnia story).

One wonders where all this media concern about elitism was when John McCain was raising millions of dollars in the home of a British Lord.

Oh, that’s right. He’s a Republican. And he’s THE John McCain.
Obama wasn't dissing rural folks, that's what the Republicans do. Does anyone think Americans from every economic and social strata aren't bitter? Except, you know, wealthy Republicans with record tax cuts.

Obama's passioned rebuttal to his critics (YouTube at top) is noteworthy for its defiance, and sticking to his point: People are indeed bitter, unhappy, and don't trust politicians to care about them. And yet some, many of us seem to believe in Obama.

He says right stuff. I hope he does right stuff when he gets the chance.