Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome someday

Pam works with a 20-something black woman, who has recently become politically aware.

She tells Pam (3rd party paraphrase):
When Obama first started running, her parent's generation said "Not gonna happen, they will never let a black man run". They, of course, being the white establishment.

The black community thought highly of the Clintons, but Hillary and Bill are rapidly flushing that down the drain.

Now that's Obama's a shoe-in for the nomination, the same folks are saying that if it doesn't happen, if somehow Hillary gets it, the disappointment will set race relations back a long way.

It would be easy for those of us with far less melanin to say they should get over it, aren't things much better for blacks now? It would also be stupid, since to deny that institutionalized racism still exists would be to ignore all the evidence.

For this, along with many other reasons, I hope Hillary finally reads the writing on the wall and drops out, sooner than later.