Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Caption Contest

If you're the winner you get a year's free supply of SteveAudio!

My humble offering: "Shovel faster Laura, it's getting deep in here!"

UPDATE:We have a wiener!:
'Poor Miss Beasley, shouldn't have gotten in front of drunk Dick on a duck hunt - I hope she had time to apologize to him'


"Um, where did we bury that 8-ball?"

Bush: "What? More casualties in Iraq? My arms are already tired from the first 4000. How many more of these things am I going to have to dig?"

Laura: No, I DON'T find it funny you gave Barney a whole bottle of Ex-Lax!

Oh, $hit! Don't dig too deep! This is where we buried Jimmy Hoffa!
Uh, Laura, how tall did you say you were, uh I meant are, how tall ARE you?!
Are you sure we can dig this deep enough to bury all those missing e-mails?
You haven't told Barney his time is up have you?
Well, another "undisclosed location" for cheney, but let's try to keep him there this time.
I'll be damned! Is there really a head underneath that powdered wig?
Dig faster! Pelosi is coming for lunch and I promised I'd bury her ass!
Bill Arnett

And the number one caption prize goes to Ramona!

Finally proving useful at something, Bush digs his own grave.

Thanks Ramona, you win a free supply of SteveAudio & VidiotSpeak for a year!

Second prize goes to Bill Arnett for multiple snarkalicious entries.

Everyone else gets an honorable mention.