Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moore Music

The night I worked with them I was just blown away by Keb Mo' & band. He could play Chicago, delta, slide, finger picking blues like ringing a bell! His band was so awesome everything almost mixed itself. He did a solo set in the middle that brought the house down and then the band came back and we rocked (blused) the night away!

Keb Mo' was the last best show I personally ran sound at. What a way to go out, huh?

Please pardon this personal rant: On that night I was working for the PA company and Keb was traveling w/o his own engineer so I got to do the honors. And it was an honor. He and the band were so professional and gracious, we all got along great. The sound check was smooth and I was blown away by the music even then.

After that it became a engineer's nightmare. The soundman for the opening act, (the act was some 16 year old white kid playing 'blues' that was getting airplay but who shall remain nameless), insisted on having access to the 31 band EQs and the freakin' CROSSOVERS! When I diplomatically said 'what, are you crazy!?' the boy wonder's dad/manager got involved trying to throw his weight around. The club manager got involved, my boss was called ... and all this wasting of precious soundcheck time resulted in doors being held for an additional 1/2 hour while the crowd waited outside.

End result: My EQ stayed in place, the Xovers stayed the same and junior had a hurried 15 minute sound check with an unprepared and insecure soundman and then had to deal with a hostile crowd 45 minuted later.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you; If you're the opening act you just can't expect to have that much say in things. If you're the musician(s), play your ass off and soon you'll be headlining. If you're the engineer ... well let's just say a good engineer can make a good recording with a Tascam 4 track, a bad engineer can't make one with a 64 channel SSL.[/rant]