Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The drunken politician leaps upon the street where mothers weep

Our blog buddy Cliff Schecter has a new book out. And as Atrios said, Cliff makes Republicans cry. From Cliff's website:
But I’ll explain to you why you should buy this book:

1) With our two candidates beating the %&$&$ out of each other, this book will place the focus back to where it belongs: McCain. If you guys help it fly off of Amazon, it will receive the attention it needs, and then McCain will be held accountable.

2) It’s only $10! I mean c’mon, what can you get for less at Amazon, except a pair of Dick Morris’s used socks?

3) My kid needs diapers

4) If you like me on tv against Republicans, this book’s selling many copies will make sure I am on tv more and can make the arguments against him that need to be made.

5) It’s only $10!

6) I am releasing the newsworthy bits of this book through our Progressive Media. That is a choice I made with my publisher. It is how we grow it. Buying this book will show this is a strategy that can work.

I also collaborated with members of our media on this book, most notably blogger Bob Geiger helped create two chapters of this book with his unmatched knowledge of the Senate.

7) McCain would be a very, very dangerous man to have in the Oval Office. This book can perhaps be a part of stopping that.

There you go, the 7 best reasons I can think of. So please folks buy the book. Buy many! Email your friends about it! Threaten them if they don’t buy it….well, maybe not that. We’re not Republicans, after all.

Here's the link to buy the book at Amazon, I'm getting it right now.

Thanks, Cliff!!

By the way, here's über-Conservative Pat Buchanan on why McCain is unfit for the job: