Thursday, April 03, 2008

What in the world's come over you?

The Right-wing mindset of some people must be seen to be believed. This is from a comment at Huffpost:
This poster didn't sufficiently support the people of Vietnam, very like Jane Fonda, who helped the communist totalitarians destroy the hope of freedom for the Vietnamese people. He claims to be for our military and awed by their service, but actually seems to support dispassionate betrayal of our mission in Iraq, which, is actually about the Freedom of the Iraqi People, while the perpetrators of the "Oil for Food" scandals (taking Saddam's blood money) did all they could to stop the US helping the murdering Saddam.

I don't believe that this person was truly conservative. My transformation from the world of blank acceptance of the marxist religion pushed by university priests was long and hard. One cannot be true to oneself and so easily switch. "Why does the left always support totalitarians who hold on to power for decades at the expense of the good of their people?" . . China, Cuba, Syria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia/her captive nations whose people Stalin mass-murdered, Saddam's Iraq, the religious extremeists of Iran, etc.? The left's trail of tears is so destructive to the good of Mankind that the rest of the world could have been prosperous by now nstead of mass-murdered.

Stunningly, the left never apologizes their mass-murdering human misery! They just demand that the good and decent be brought down to their lowest common demoninator. Just remember that French universities created the intellensia for Pol Pot's Revolution for the Good of the Cambodian People!

Wow, just wow. I can't even begin to unpack that load of feces, yet there are so many Limbaugh/Hannity/Kristol acolytes who actually think this way. And misspellings aside, the lack of logic, the ignorance of truth, is frightening. No responsibility for Right-wing dictatorial excesses, not self-critique of anything, this type of person is held hostage to an illusion of ideology, where good & evil are black & white.

Where is this world? Nowhere I know of. These are the pod people we have fight with.