Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And the Hits Lies Just Keep on Coming

White House staying out of Iraq oil negotiations

Iraq is a sovereign country, and it can make decisions based on how it feels that it wants to move forward in its development of its oil resources,” said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

“And if that means that our companies here in the United States can compete and win business, then that's for them and the Iraqis to decide,” Perino added.
State Department spokesman Tom Casey said it was unlikely that Rice would try to interfere.

“Since the United States has had no involvement in this, I'm not sure on what basis the United States could . . . block the Iraqi government from contracting in the way it sees fit,” he said.
In the first place, "our companies here in the United States can compete" is just a lie because these were no-bid contracts.

In the second place "the United States has had no involvement in this" is not just a flat out lie, it's just the latest in the Big Lie that Bush et al is foisting on the American and Iraqi people:
US Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

A group of American advisers led by a small State Department team played an integral part in drawing up contracts between the Iraqi government and five major Western oil companies to develop some of the largest fields in Iraq, American officials say.
In their role as advisers to the Iraqi Oil Ministry, American government lawyers and private-sector consultants provided template contracts and detailed suggestions on drafting the contracts, advisers and a senior State Department official said.
Golly, does anyone else think that the "private-sector consultants" just happened to consist of "Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron" reps?

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