Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Help me get my feet back on the ground

Darcy Burner, the wonderful netroots-supported congressional candidate from Washington (WA-08) lost her house to fire a few days ago. I met her here in L.A. a few months ago, she's a remarkable woman.

Support is pouring out, and several big-time bloggers like Kos are taking the lead in asking for campaign contributions. Gifts are not really appropriate, sadly, because her opponent would cry "campaign finance violations". So Kos is trying to get contributions directly to her campaign so that she can take time off from arduous fund raising and take care of her family.

Here's the best site for information and contributions:

Here's an article from the Seattle Sun-Times:

Looking into the black, collapsed interior of her home along the shore of Ames Lake on Tuesday, congressional candidate Darcy Burner was matter-of-fact.

"I'd say it's pretty much a total loss, based on the smoldering remains," she said. "We lost stuff. It's just stuff. The boy is fine. The husband is fine."

Burner, her husband and their 5-year-old son were home asleep when the 7 a.m. fire broke out, but they escaped unharmed.

It's just stuff. Wow.

Here's the Act Blue page for Darcy.

And Goldy at has been working it hard for Darcy as well:
This morning HA joined with dozens of other blogs nationwide in an impromptu fundraiser to help give Darcy Burner the time she needs to tend to herself and her family in the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating house fire, and without having to worry about the demands of the campaign. $5,000 a day… that’s about how much money Darcy needs to raise to keep pace with Reichert at this point in the campaign… and each $5,000 chunk we raise online is one less day that she has to spend fundraising during the month of July.

Well, by 3PM this afternoon we’d already raised over $50,000… the equivalent of a ten day breather for Darcy and her family. Amazing! And Markos at Daily Kos has now set an ambitious goal of raising her entire $150,000 July target:

We can’t help with the “campaign” side of things, but we can help with the money side of things. Darcy would have to raise about $150,000 in the month of July to keep up with her Republican opponent. Us bloggers are going to try and raise that for her.

Your generous donation is more than just an investment in WA-08 and the US House, it is a precious gift of time… time that Darcy and her family need to put their lives back together. So please join us in giving today.