Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I go?

GWBush wants 58 permanent military bases in Iraq. I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea. If you think so too, go here, sign the petition:
When the Bush Administration launched its attack on Iraq in 2003, it assured the American public that the war would be quick, cheap and easy. More than five years into this disastrous war, both Bush and Iraqi officials are negotiating an agreement that could keep the United States as an occupying power in Iraq for another decade - or even longer.

Withdrawing our military from Iraq, while helping rebuild Iraq and assisting refugees, is the just and honorable solution to an unjust war. We reject the idea of committing the United States to a long-term occupation in Iraq, and ask our elected officials to quickly and safely bring our American troops home.

. . . By keeping the U.S.-Iraq agreement in the headlines, the anti-war movement will raise public awareness about President Bush's long-term objectives, and force Barack Obama and John McCain to speak out on the issue. Since the pact jeopardizes the next President's freedom of action in Iraq, Obama and McCain should vigorously oppose President Bush's aggressive negotiations, which reportedly include seeking 58 permanent bases and control of Iraqi airspace.

Isaacs continued: "Obama would bolster his anti-war credentials by highlighting his previously expressed opposition to the agreement."

"McCain undoubtedly regrets saying that U.S. troops could be in Iraq for 100 years, but Bush's pact is a first step in that direction. If McCain spoke out against the agreement, he could begin to distance himself from the 100-years gaffe," explained Isaacs.

They must be stopped. They MUST be stopped.