Saturday, July 19, 2008

And the public gets what the public wants

McCain says it's all in your head, watch it!

Want to have some great fun and help determine the political direction of the US for the next several years? Or at least pretend to? Check out Open Cabinet, a wiki where you can pick and choose the next administration from the VPOTUS on down:
Open Cabinet is a collaborative effort to map out the next President's Administration. From the Vice President to the Secretary of Labor, let's figure out who might - and who should - staff the Executive agencies.

Built by Michael Whitney, it's quite interesting. And there's a companion blog as well. Seriously, the selections already in place are fascination, some obvious, some much less so. I'm not thrilled to see Check Hagel's (R-Neanderthal) name on the Obama list for VP. Other than on the Iraq war, the man is as Republican as one can be.

Anyway, check it out, and make your own contributions. That's what a wiki is all about.