Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm up in the world, but I'd give the world to be where I used to be

(l-r: Dad, Mom, Uncle Robert, early'90s?)

My own blogging around here might be a little sparse for a bit. Mom's hip surgery went well, but her recovery hasn't.

She's back in the hospital, not doing so well, and the fantastic team of doctors, nurses, and other talented health workers at St. Joseph's in Orange, CA, are trying to get her back on track for her cancer treatment. It's a world-class facility, and Mom couldn't be in a better place, except back at home. My sister Johanna has been point-person on Mom's adventure, and bro Matt has been helping mightily as well, since they live closest to Mom.

Good thoughts are appreciated, as are prayers to your favorite deities; Christian, Buddhist, Druid, it's all good.

And I'll be glad to pass on any messages from readers here. All are welcome.

And keep dropping by, because the finest team of bloggers I know work here, they write amazingly well, and I'm proud to have them on the team.

(The Ink Spots, a fave of Mom way back when)