Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh but am I ever gonna see my wedding day?

(Video from The Equality Campaign)

The "No on CA Prop 8" battle continues. First, a "Hell to Pay" post at Daily Kos brought in over $100k in just over 24 hours. This money will be used for teevee adds to counter the lies spread by the "Yes on 8" coalition of the shameful.

Second, our good friend Dante has a great diary up at Kos today:
The next morning, I left to drive to San Francisco for another wedding: this time, it was that of my good friend Brian. Now, I'm sure that many of you know the Brian I'm talking about: none other than Brian Leubitz, the founder of Calitics. He too was celebrating having found the love of his life. The same festive atmosphere. The same love. The same desire to share a life together, and to enter into a binding contract with one another. The only difference is that Brian's love is another man.

And yet, because of that last fact, certain groups are investing craploads of resources into making sure that the happy scene I saw in San Francisco never happens again.

As a matter of fact, the No on Prop 8 folks told me recently that the "Protect Marriage" campaign has raised $30 million dollars--over half of it from the Mormon Church. Now, I have nothing personally against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They most certainly have the constitutional right to worship in their own way. They have the right to minister in whatever way they see fit and to marry whomever they see fit in their churches based on any qualifications they choose. And they will be well within their rights.

But when the church and its members invest millions of dollars in an attempt to write discrimination into my state's constitution and divorce my friend Brian against his will, there will be hell to pay.

So what am I asking you to do?

Click over to Dante's post, he has great ideas for exposing the hypocrisy of contributors to "Yes on 8".

What else can you do?

Talk to friends, neighbors.

Donate to "No on 8".

Or Donate here.

If you're a blogger, let your readers know.