Sunday, October 26, 2008

Imagine me and you, and you and me

(Itzhak Perlman: No on 8)

Imagine the Sunni and Shi'a, who agree on nothing other that Allah is God, and Mohammed is his Prophet, got together and tried to present a common front, to gain your support?

The Neocons, who wanked us into war in Iraq, believe in ponies, pixie dust, and the Sunni/Shi'a convergence.

Believe it or not, the Theocons in our own country have the same goal. The Mormon and Catholic theocrats, who barely have any common ground other than belief in a white-bearded God and his hippie-like son, want to band us together with belief in some common ideal, and force us to accept their vision of marriage.

And what exactly is that vision? I'm not sure, because all they present is "One Man, One Woman". Never mind the Mormon Church's fairly recent disavowal of male-centric polygamy. And never mind the Catholic Church's refusal to accept divorce.

Nope, they want to make sure you and I are legislated into their clear-cut vision of propriety.

Thankfully, not all clergy feel that way:

Here's one little problem. Catholicism has had a wink and nod relationship with gays for a long time, actively seeking out gay men and funneling them into the priesthood. Of course they're told that they can't act upon their sexual urges, but since they cloister only men together in the seminary, well, boys will likely be boys.

And the wink and nod has continued as the Church leaders have worked tirelessly to hid pedophile priests from justice, shiiping offenders off to small town congregations and shredding records. They know full well that gay men are in the priesthood, and thus likely members of society at large, yet ought not to be allowed to marry legally.

By the same logic, there may be lesbians among Catholic nuns; I have no real idea. Still, the idea that they too are second class citizens, while being accepted as Wives of Christ, is mind-numbingly illogical. Dignity USA has some resources for LGBT Catholics.

So these Theocratic organizations have joined together in a mission to strip a part of the population of their rights. They want to legislate from the pulpit, and dictate public morality. Does their goal spread to include the mandatory wearing of Mormon Garments? Will the Catholic Church demand that Mormon priests un-marry?

In other words, what other theocratic demands will these unlikely allies make of us? How far into a Theocratic state will we allow ourselves to be pushed?

And conversely, as Jeffersons' Wall of Separation is breached, how will secular law insinuate itself into the Church? It may sound foolish, but with the secular age of majority being 18, will the state now tell Jews that Bar and Bat Mitzvah's can only be celebrated at that age?

More clergy agains Prop. 8:

As I said here before, power flows both ways. Once the wall is broken, it's broken, and anything can happen.

Please, vote NO on CA Prop. 8. It's bad law, and legal discrimination.

Even smart Republicans vote No on Prop. 8: