Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just married this mornin', how happy they are

(Video from Republicans Against 8)

Attention: All you fundamentalist hypocrite bastards who are pushing CA Prop 8, especially you who are coming in from other states (coughUtahcough):
You're missing the point!

Let me explain. You hate the "Separation of Church and State" wall described by Thomas Jefferson, that wild-eyed liberal. You want your churches, who don't agree on much, to drive the direction of all 3 branches of the government: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. You think that will make everything better, and drive the Godless liberals into perpetual defeat.

But Prop. 8 will give the Government the right to screw with your churches. Didn't think about that? The Government can, if Prop. 8 passes, tell your church:
  • who it can marry
  • who it can ordain
  • who may attend church-sponsored schools
  • how it spends your donations
In other words, the wall protects both sides. Did you forget that? Water flows both ways, and so does power. If you think you can control the Government, the Government can control you and your churches.

Thanks for listening.

Idiots. Here's another video from Republicans Against 8: