Saturday, November 01, 2008

And I feel myself a cog in somethin' turning

These charming paragons of Freedom of Religion want to limit my religious freedom, all in the name of their ideology:

(full disclosure: I was once on a first-name basis with 2 of the gray-haired men named in the video)

So, how did that massive rally at Qualcomm work out? Was it this year's Woodstock? A total sold-out performance? Butts in every seat?

Um, not so much. Lucas was there, let him tell you:
The parking lots were mostly empty. The trolley station that goes essentially right up to the door was almost entirely empty. The concourses and hallways were empty. Most of the seats were empty. A popular shirt as I walked around (but don't have a picture of right now) was a bright yellow Tshirt reading "You can't change God's Law: Yes on Prop 8." But you know...don't worry about this being the effective repeal of the separation of church and state. It's just God's law. Being written as state law. Right. "It Ain't Just Genetics" was another personal 'favorite' of mine.

Here's his video:

Sorry, kids, you can't have your cake, and my freedoms too.

Update: Juls has a great post at DKos using these same videos, as well as some great stills. Please go read it, and if you have a DKos account, please recommend it.