Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And the one thing that is true is, I can always count on lyin' to you

Bush said regarding the election:
"Prosperity and peace are in the balance"
The bizarro world has become so bizarre that bush actually spoke the truth. Prosperity and peace are in the balance.

Before bush came into power we did have prosperity.

Bush inherited the largest budget surplus in history and turned it into the largest deficit.

Before bush came into power we did have peace.

9/11 didn't change everything. Bush changed everything. Bush started the warrantless wiretapping before 9/11. Bush wanted to overthrow Iraq before 9/11. Bush started trashing the US Constitution's separation of religion and politics as soon as he got power.

Bush unilaterally 'unsigned' treaties, specifically the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, the International Criminal Courts treaty and the Kyoto Emissions treaty.

Bush has repeatedly declared himself above the law by issuing more signing statements than all the presidents who came before him combined.

So if you want peace and prosperity vote for a Democrat, they suck less.

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